Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter White Is....

Dress: One & Only, Shoes: Zara, Watch: La Bella

Saturday afternoon I attended a wedding of a high school friend wearing a winter white dress from One & Only paired with my Zara colbalt blue and gold strap sandals. I was truly happy for her, to see her dress in her big white Cinderella dress (yes I cried) was breathtaking. How can you not be happy at a wedding? I know there is a saying to "never go to a wedding without a date", "weddings make single women bitter" yada yada yada.... However I believe the more you can share in someone else's happiness single or not God will bless you with your hearts desire. Women let's not focus on what a man can do for us because with or without him you have to be happy with yourself first. When your time comes to be a wife it will be all you dreamed of and more. Please be content in your singleness God is saving you for your husband. 

Any who, she looked absolutely beautiful and as she should she was the bride. I just love love and when it's genuine love standing before God it's even better. *Cheers* to the covenant. 

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