Monday, January 10, 2011

My Style Is.....

Meet the fashionable Schuntel
of An Overdose of Style & Dash of Grace
Your Style Is.....?My style is undefined! I break ALL the rules! In other words my style is beyond the practical eye, its riveting and inspirational. I'm motivated and inspired by my west Indian roots (bright colors) and DMV culture (vibrant and fearless).
What piece of clothing can't you live without?Oh My Gee! I can't live without my scarf my bestfriend got for me from Paris. Its beyond perfect, through any weather I need it in my life. It means so much to me because it not only keeps me warm but, it inspires to me to follow my dreams because maybe, just ONE day I will be in the city of my dreams (Paris).
How BIG is Fashion in your life?Fashion is MAJOR in my life. Its always been a deep passion and fascination of mine. I have dedicated alot of my time and energy into the fashion realm. From directing fashion shows, attending countless fashion events & participating in fashion based charities! I've truly immersed myself in the culture of fashion since I was a child.
Who is your Fashion Icon?This is SO incredibly hard because I have so many...First and foremost, My Mother, her style is glamorous and luxurious very modern. Followed by Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and last but certainly NOT least Blake Lively.

Do you have a favorite model?
My favorite models are Heidi Klum, Selitia Ebanks & Chanel love their fearless energy and confidence!
What are some words you live by? (Style & Life)Always look your best! Get dolled up, put on your finest, get glammed up & always exude confidence because you never know when you will run into your worst enemy.
If you can wear one thing everyday what would it be and why?
Oh My Gee, this is hard! But the one thing I could wear everyday would be my over-the-knee Marciano wedge boots I got in Vegas! They are super chic and comfortable PLUS they make me look tall! LOL

What Fashion read are you faithful too?
I'm faithful to VOGUE, Glamour, Allure, GQ & Harper's Bazaar!
What is your "Fashion Must Have"?The "fashion must have" for every girl is a pair of classic black heels that you can wear EVERYWHERE; staple coat that is super cute yet warm (its hard to find but definitely needed); LBD (little black dress) for the office parties or even a cocktail dinner with girlfriends); the "IT" purse whether it is Louis Vuitton or Gucci make sure it is a statement bag that will stand out; good pair of denims--I favor Se7en because they are classic and fit my frame very well, find what works for you; and lastly, find yourself the best pair of stud/hoop earring to bring together your whole look!

What's In your purse/ things you can't leave home without?
My purse is OUT-OF-CONTROL! LOL! I can't leave home without my Blackberry AKA FabBerry; Lip gloss case (5-8 different shades); clear nail polish; compact mirror; Notepad/Pen; Sex & The City LOVE perfume; KEYS; Victoria Secret lotion; ID; Cash "money"; A pair of "back up earrings" & hand sanitizer!

Check out her website: MsStyle&Grace

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