Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Music Is....

AB Pro
Rapper, Producer, Singer

My Music Is...?
My music is for "Lifers". Those who enjoy life and live it to the limit, like myself.

What genre of MUSIC can’t you live without?
All Of genre's from Rap, R&B, Rock, and even tech-no house music.

How BIG is MUSIC in your life?
Very big I live, eat, sleep, and Breathe music.

What inspires your MUSIC?
New music or different chord progression.

Who has influenced you MUSICALLY?
Kenny Burns, Kanye West, Pharrell, Timbo...The list goes with producers. Not so much for rappers.

What are some words you live by (Style or Life)?
Style is a reflection of your mood, And I'm a "lifer" I try to live life to the fullest.

If it wasn’t for MUSIC what would you be doing right now?
I would be a Painter I enjoy visual art.

What mark will you leave on the MUSIC Industry?
Being yourself at all times while doing what you love.

AB Pro is a producer, rapper and singer from Southeast DC signed to Studio 43. Check out his mixtape Crown Vic Music click here . To learn more information about his journey and about Studio 43 click here

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