Friday, November 15, 2013

Premiere Day Is....

I am so excited today is the day that The Best Man Holiday premieres, if you don't know I am a lover of movies. I am a writer and director and this storyline is such a great one, it very realistic and relatable which is why so many people are so excited to see it. Not to mention it has great eye candy for both women and men. When The Best Man first premiered in 1999 I was in the 8th grade, yes a bit young to go watch this movie but my mom took me. I remember sitting there just thinking "like this is what I want to do with my life write amazing stories that the world could enjoy". With any movie you watch you develop a favorite, my favorite female character in this movie is Jordan Armstrong played by Nia Long.  You already know who my favorite male character is (let's say it together) Lance Sullivan played by Morris Chestnut. 

I actually like each character for the dynamic they added to the movie. I am looking forward to seeing how each character has developed over the years and how they will celebrate the holiday season. I am going to see this movie this weekend and will give my review next week.

Are you going to see The Best Man Holiday?

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