Friday, August 26, 2011

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Gen-XY Vintage
Meet the owner of Gen-XY Vintage: Ashley Tyrus

Ashley is a 23-year old female that’s full of life! She's a native of the DMV, having grown up in Germantown, MD for most of my life. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from North Carolina A&T State University in 2009 (can she get an AGGIE PRIDE?!) and now obtaining a Master’s Degree from University of Maryland University College in Management Marketing. Ashley has a love for art, music, fashion and is a die hard Starbucks addict! In her spare time she loves to travel, attend a concert and searching for products to buy for Gen-XY Vintage of course ;) Check out our Interview:

SI:How did start your business?
GV: I started my business by having a love and passion for something and running with it. I started my business plan about 2 years ago, knowing eventually it would come to life. I woke up everyday thinking about it and would go to sleep dreaming about it… constantly doing research and looking up information I would need to know, talking to people, sharing my ideas, etc and then, before I knew it, it was all coming together the way I planned.

SI:What inspired you to start your own vintage clothing business?
GV:My motivation was based on 2 things: not wanting to work for and under someone else for the rest of my life and my adoration for vintage fashion. I have always been motivated by success and accomplishments in my life and I knew it wasn’t long before I would have to start my own venture because I wanted something to call my own. I figured, why not? I’d rather be doing something I love and being happy and feeling complete than to be living with the uncertainty that someone could replace me at their company at any time. I love vintage, I love marketing and I love success… so here I am!

SI: Who is your target audience?
GV: Fashionable, vintage-loving females between the ages of 18-30 (give or take). I cater to strictly women right now because that’s what I know and am most comfortable with, being a female myself, but in 6 months or less we will have men’s merchandise as well.

SI:Who is your style Icon?
GV: I would have to say my style icon is a mix of Victoria Beckham and Erykah Badu – if that even exists! Some days, I wake up and I’m feeling really glamorous and “posh-like” and dress up, 4-inch heels and all. Other days, I’m on my boho, hippie thing and just want to throw on a long skirt, tee, lots of bangles and have the fro out. It varies, but that’s what I love about fashion most, you can be whoever you want to be on any given day through the expression of clothing.

SI: Explain why you think Vintage clothing are an asset to a customers closet?
GV: Vintage clothing gives my customers the ability to purchase something that they know for a fact is different, exclusive, and they will have something that no other person will have. They can feel comfortable knowing that they are doing their part to not harm the environment, because no extra materials, labor, energy or fuel were wasted during second-hand buying. Plus, it’s great for their pockets to purchase clothes at a non-commercial price.

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